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UK Sponsorship Licence

UK Sponsorship Licence

If you own a UK based organisation and wish to employ non-EU migrants in the UK you must first be a sponsor for that person and hold a Certificate of Sponsorship.

You could be fined up to £10,000 if you are found to be employing immigrants illegally!

Licensed Sponsor:

  • A UK Licensed Sponsor is a person or company who is responsible for employing workers from overseas
  • The UK Licensed Sponsor must be registered with the Home Office in order to assign Certificates of Sponsorship to applicants under the Tier 2 Employment Visa category
  • A Certificate of Sponsorship is not a paper certificate like a work permit. It is a 'virtual document', with a unique reference number which you issue to a migrant so that they can apply for permission to enter the UK if they are overseas, or permission to stay in the UK if they are already here

The employee:

The employee will need to gain a Tier 2 Work permit in order to come and work in the UK. A Tier 2 Work Permit goes hand in hand with a UK Sponsor Licence. Before the Visa can be approved the employee must first have a sponsor in the UK.


  • The sponsor must ensure ongoing agreement with immigration law
  • If a sponsor is found to be issuing a certificate in error the applicants they have sponsored will be given 28 days to leave the UK
  • Two years in prison or a fine of £10,000 will be issued if a sponsor is found to be breaching immigration laws

Our Services:

  1. A detailed assessment of your personal case
  2. Pre-application, where we will ensure that we receive the correct documents to support your case
  3. The completion of your Sponsorship License application
  4. Submission of your Sponsorship License application